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Welcome to TexandDixie.com . Why Tex and Dixie? These are nicknames given to us by friends of ours.  Since they fit the country  / western side of our personalities so perfectly, we decided to use them as our on line aliases.   So we have combined our individual websites and added more information to create TexandDixie.com .

We would like to share our hobbies and interests with you as well as take you back in time with some of our history.  As of March, 2000 when we created our wedding pages, we believe we have the best and only web site featuring the details for start to finish on a western wedding. 

Our computer section is mostly a piece of history containing rare information and photo's relating to TI computers manufactured back in the 1980's.   Much of this web site itself is a piece of history as many sections were constructed by hand using only HTML code, well before applications were available to do the work for you.

Finally you will see on our Club Dance pages a bit of history from The Nashville Network's Club Dance which finished it's last televised production run in 1999.   The show, of which we were participants,  as well as the The Nashville Network is now just a piece of history.     

While little has changed on our web site since we created texndixie.com in the year 2000 we recently added in 2005 our photography section with some of the most interesting pictures that we've taken as well as a preview section of some of the special events.

These are just a few of the pages we have designed for your information and enjoyment so come on in and sit a spell, prop up your feet and make yourself comfy as you look around our domain. Stay as long as you like.

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Check out our special travel pictures (and more):


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From 1972 to 1997 Opryland Theme Park was one of my favorite places to visit. Click below
for a look into history.


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While Club Dance is all in the past I can attribute some of my knowledge of videography from
my participation on the show as well as it sparked my interest in videography and photography!  

Click the link below for a walk back in history to the 1990's for a look behind the scenes of Club Dance:

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