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Left to right: JoAnn, Martha & Dixie line-dance Mambo No. 5 to song of the same the night before the wedding. This was taken at Triple C in Sevierville, next to Pigeon Forge.

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The guys even celebrated as they could barely contain their enthusiasm at the Bachelor Party. Jesse, John & Tex really put on a show. Later they were found passed out from all the bottled water they had been drinking.

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After the wedding and picture-taking the group stopped at the Alabama Grill for an early supper.

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The wedding party & their spouses had their picture taken on the stage at the Alabama Grill. Left to right: Betty, Larry, Tex, Dixie, Raymond, Pat, Kay, Buddy, Jim, Fran, Huey & Darlene.

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The night before the reception a group of us gathered to dance and decorate. Front to back left: Raymond, Pat, Betty, Larry, Buddy. Front to back right: Darlene, Huey, Martha, Jesse.

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Kay, Dixie, Martha & JoAnn cover tables (left). Later (right) Raymond, Martha & JoAnn practice. JoAnn always had something in her hand when she was dancing.

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