Final Club Dance Final Epsodes
Pictures and information presented by Gary and Carol Cox


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The marker board in the Club Dance studio indicated the airdate being taped for the last episode.  The last new Club Dance show was episode number 1,848 which aired February 5th, 1999!   On the right is the final episodes ticket, issued for the January 23rd, 1999 taping.

Memories of the final eposodes

"It's all over but the crying!"

I was fortunate to be one of many dancers who were able to attend the final tapings of Club Dance on January 22nd and 23rd, 1999.  These Club Dance episodes aired the week of February 1st through the 5th.   Many of the regulars from the past and not so distant past were at this final taping including many of those who started with from the begining 7 years ago!

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A variety of news media were on hand interviewing regulars about their experiences on Club Dance.

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The floor director instructs show participants while a film crew films a behind the scenes documentary of Club Dance.  The documentary tape is part of the "behind the scenes at Club Dance" tape which is available now.

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Film crews shoot a variety of behind the scenes interviews.

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Shelly and Phil had some very interesting bloopers while filming Club Dance commercials! 

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Everyone signed a marker board, of which quotes and a picture of it appeared in the April 1999 Club Dance Newsletter.

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During the final week of Club Dance, clips from old shows as well as somewhat recent shows were shown including this one of Phill dressed up!  You can see Phil's reaction (right picture) as he views himself on the monitor!

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Shelly moves through a large crowd (left side picture) on the February 5th show!  A few of the regulars rest (right side picture).

A sign in the studio read "It's all over but the crying"!    This statement was certainly true as "The Dance" by Garth Brooks was the last song played on the last Club Dance eposode!   As everyone danced their last dance a dry eye was a scarce commodity among the participants and crew members! .    As you can see below everyone watches a replay of the last song on the monitors!

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From the dancers, the crew, to those in the control room not one dry eye could be found!  It wasn't that a TV show was ending but a way of life was ending for many people...   Club Dance has been a true to life soap opera.  I've heard some people say why don't they have more of a certain dance or better dancers or this and that.  The truth is what you see is real, these are real people who have come together as a family over the many years Club Dance has been on the air.   I don't know any show which has ever been on television who has had a true to life family as those on Club Dance!  Everyone from the viewers to the participants and the crew on the show will miss Club Dance very much!

A variety of photo opportunities were taken on this final taping!   

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The regulars pose for a picture.

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These are some of the crew posing for a picture!

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The control room!  

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Yep that's me (Gary Cox) posing for a picture with Shelly!

Updated 1/7/2004

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