Old Time Wedding Photographs

Notice - The pictures in this section were taken by our personal cameras and as such are not an infringement of any copy right of any professional photographs which may resemble same.

The first stop after our wedding was the Old Tyme Portraits & Weddings located in Pigeon Forge, just outside of Gatlinburg, TN.  We didn't want to miss a perfect photo opportunity since we were already dressed in appropriate attire.  We had a blast posing for the following pictures. We were so pleased with our completed look that we wanted something other than the usual pictures for the wedding party.

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In the picture above we look like we just stepped out of a prairie schooner like those you see on the mantle in the background.

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From left to right - Darlene, Dixie, Marth & JoAnn.  The gals look mighty comfey holding those six-shooters.

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Back Row - Larry, Tex, Raymond & Huey.  Card Players - Jesse & Glenn.  This was everyone's favorite picture - hands down!   What a natural looking bunch of desperados.

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Back Row: Jesse, JoAnn and Martha, Middle: Raymond, Glenn and Larry, Front: Darlene, Huey, Tex & Dixie. Look closely and you'll see JoAnn and Martha holding their six-shooters on Raymond and Larry while Glenn has his shotgun aimed at Tex.

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Behind the scenes

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Top left: Dixie, Martha, Darlene & JoAnn look over the photographs.  Top right: Larry, Tex & Glenn keep a lookout while Dixie & Darlene strap on their shootin irons and JoAnn checks her pistol.   Bottom: Tex and Dixie pose for their pioneer wedding photo.

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