Pictures by Gary W. Cox

These are a few pictures that I found from the past, the quality is not so great but I think that you can tell what's going on...

This is the crowd of people at the 1985 Chicago TI Faire waiting to see Craig Miller's Gram Kracker!

Craig Miller - Original manufacturer (Millers Graphics) of the famous Gram Kracker, first shown at 1985 Chicago TI Faire!

In 1985 a huge crowd of people attended the faire in a large room at Triton College in Chicago.

Lou Phillips, I belive this was also in 1985 showing the prototype of the Geneve 9640.

Jack Riley of Myarc demonstrates the Geneve at a meeting at the Mid-South TI99/4a User Group in Memphis, Tennessee while a large crowd of TI99/4a owners watch! Picture was taken sometime in the late 1980's.

Here is Jack Riley performing the demonstration.

Many of the pictures shown below were taken from the Chicago TI Faire in the 1980's...

Jim Peterson (sitting down)

Roger Dooley of Tenex (in brown sweater)

Peter Hoddie (red shirt)

Steve Lamberti of Texaments at 1986 Nashville TI Faire

1996 Nashville, Tennessee TI Faire.

Picture of the TI99/8 Prototype, only 100 were made.

The Chicago TI Faire's always had many attending siminars shown here back in the 1980's.

Chris Bobbitt of Asgard Software

Lou Phillips of Myarc

Jack Riley of Myarc


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