Wedding Reception


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We wanted our reception to be what every wedding reception should be: a time of fun and fellowship with friends and family who have gathered together to join in the celebration of the start of the bride and groom’s new life together. We also wanted it be especially fun since many of our friends and family were unable to travel to Gatlinburg with us. We planned the reception from 2:00 – 6:00 pm on the first Saturday following our wedding. While the weather for our trip to Gatlinburg was ideal, the weather for the reception was not. However, we still had about 150 friends and family members come from the surrounding states and area to celebrate with us.

We planned the cutting of the cake and the toasts for around 3:00 pm to allow all of the folks traveling from out-of-town to arrive. So for the first hour we danced and munched on the tons of great food.


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Upper left: (clockwise) Jeanette & Ken, Betty (waiting for Larry), Dixie & Tex and Pat & Raymond pair up for The Renegade. Upper right: Dixie & Tex during a West Coast Swing, while Ari & Taylor look on. Bottom left: Tex & Dixie and Melanie & Keith dancing the Shottish.  Bottom Right: Steve and Dixie look on as Tex gives Sherri a refresher lesson on the Shottish.

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The feeding of the cow-cakes.

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We wanted to do the "toasts" a little differently. We were so thankful for the love and support from our friends & family during the past 1 1/2 years we wanted to let them know we felt.    So after the best Larry and Darlene  toasted us - we toasted our guests.

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Tex & Dixie as they listen to Larry and Darlene's toast honoring them.

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Tex & Dixie's toast to family and friends.

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Left: Dixie throws her bouquet underhanded trying not to hit the ceiling. Right: Taylor, Ari, Shannon, Nicki (with bouquet), Ann-Michelle & Amanda.

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Tex in a playful mood as he removes Dixie's garter for tossing to the bachelors.  As you can see, we only had a few bachelors, but they were great sports.  Steve was the lucky recipient of the garter.

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Tex, Shane, Steve & Christopher


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Our dance to our song "Keeper of the Stars".

Dixie, "God answered my prayers when he sent the perfect man for me to love - Tex."

Tex, "If I had known you'd come along, I would have been perfectly happy just waiting for you."

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