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The Reception

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This picture shows the completed table with Dixie’s cake. The peach tablecloths were provided by Betty, the punch bowl by Darlene, and the flowers through Tex’s mom, Maxine. The multi-colored napkins, cups and plates reflect the Southwestern/Western color theme of the reception. The chili pepper candleholders and the dancing cacti candleholder were purchased at Hobby Lobby for about $6.00 each. The flowers on the table are the arm-spray that Darlene carried at the wedding.


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These two pictures show the buffet before and after the food was added. Darlene offered the idea of using bandanas as focal pieces and Martha spread the confetti and ribbon to create a festive look that did not overpower the senses. Tex and Dixie provided the chili pepper food dishes and southwestern/western bowls and dishes. These were part of the chili pepper design of their kitchen. They added a definite western flair to the buffet table.

The menu consisted of popcorn chicken, Cheeze-Its mix, chicken taquitoes, rotel dip and chips, bean dip and chips, relish trays, nuts, spinach dip in Hawaiian bread, finger sandwiches, sausage balls, and wedding cookies in addition to the cake. The punch was made of orange sherbet, orange concentrate, pineapple juice and sprite in a ratio of one container of each.

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Left: Something is definately strange about Raymond eating his snack, but we can't put our hands on it. Right: Talk about getting caught with your bloomers down.

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Ariele (left) and Taylor (right) were Dixie’s flower girls at the reception. Here they are showing off their cowboy hats, dresses and boots. Below they are modeling their tiaras. They couldn’t decide whether to wear the cowboy hats or the tiaras and after about an hour of switching back and forth finally put the tiaras ON the cowboy hats and wore them as such the rest of the evening. They did an excellent job of making sure guests signed the guest book and keeping the wedding gifts in their proper place.

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Our friends & family were most gracious in their gift giving.  We wish to thank all of them! 

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