Dancing at the Reception

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Another picture of Larry at his DJ booth. Huey & Darlene are in the front. Larry really did an excellent job and we just can’t thank him enough!!

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One of Tex’s friends led us in a Jewish wedding dance called the Hora. The music we danced to was Hava Na Gilla. Richard is the gentleman in the brown shirt leading Dixie. It was great fun as we vined our way around in a circle, then met together and snaked our way around and through the circle. Everyone enjoyed the dance!!  If you look closely you can see Patrick as he goes under Gene's arm.

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Everyone enjoyed the abundance of food provided. Left: sue, Bernise, Denny, Tex, Maxine, and Dixie. Will is in front video taping the activities. Right: From back left: Traci, Jim, Ken, Jeannette, Maxine, Darlene & Susan.

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Amy & Tex surveying the activities, in the background, Priscilla, Rich.

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