Club Dance Romance

By Tex (Gary) & Dixie (Carol)

It took a mutual friend almost 3 months to get Gary and I together, partly because of his trips to Club Dance, partly because of my dance schedule and partly because neither one of us really wanted to meet the other.. On December 16, 1998 I finally gave in, and agreed to meet this guy she assured me said would be the "perfect" dance partner for me. Yeah, yeah, been there, done that.    First impressions were good, He WAS cute and an excellent dancer.  Since both of us had been looking for a dance partner, we agreed to give dancing together a try, but nothing else. texdix4b.jpg (11820 bytes)

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Our first trip together was a mere 5 weeks later when we attended the taping of the final 5 episodes of TNN's Club Dance. The shooting schedule was every bit as grueling as Gary said it would be, but we were thrilled to be a part of it. By the taping of the third show we wore matching shirts, the universal sign we were a couple.

By the end of the taping of the last show, we knew we were meant for each other.  I still remember the look on Gary's face when he saw me for the first time.  Meeting Gary just reaffirmed that God does answer prayers, because he answered mine when he sent me the perfect man to love!!


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Following the taping of the final episodes of Club Dance, Gary took me to Pidgeon Forge and Gatlinburg, which have become our special places. Every time we go, we share those special memories of that first trip together and our participation in Club Dance. 


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We have also discovered a mutual love for dancing. As accomplished dancers in our own right (Gary has taught Country & Western line dancing and I have taught belly dancing) we quickly developed our own style of Country & Western dancing. We love to dance whether it is line dancing or couples. We go dancing at as many places as often as we can here in the Memphis, TN area.

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Gary has been singing for several years at The Strand in Millington, TN. He was certainly surprised to discover that I could not only sing, but play the guitar. So we now enjoy performing together.

By the time we attended the Club Dance reunion picnic the summer of 1999 at Cade's Cove near Gatlinburg, TN, Gary knew he was going to ask me to marry him -- I just didn't know it at the time. mna1.jpg (34019 bytes)

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Gary has been blessed with many special times and friends like Susan & Glen above,   through Club Dance. I am glad that I have been able to share in a part of that, however small. Like others, we went to Club Dance as dance partners and friends and will end up as husband and wife. How wonderful that such a show has touched so many lives, brought about so many lasting friendships, and brought together so many couples

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After many months of a mutual friend trying to get us together, Carol (Dixie) and myself (Tex) finally made arrangements to meet each other one night for dancing!   Our first time dancing together seemed like we've been dancing together for years!
The final taping of Club Dance was held January 23rd and 24th, 1999.   While this was Carol's first trip to Club Dance, I'd been attending tapings since 1993.    At this point we had only known each other a few weeks, but we danced well together as we both enjoy Country Western Dancing!   While the crowd was large (as you can see in this picture taken during the final taping) and the tapings were long we enjoyed the best time that either of us had in a long time!!  I think it was at this point, while at Club Dance, we discovered that we were meant for each other! area.jpg (19392 bytes)
bp1.jpg (12473 bytes) In 1996 Little Bob and Paula were married on Club Dance and, had Club Dance continued to be on the air, I would have arranged to ask Carol to marry me on the air as several others have done!   Following in the Club Dance tradition, our plans are to get married in a western style wedding in February of 2000!  
To my surprize, Carol not only dances but can sing, and not only can she sing but play a variety of musical instruments!   In fact, she has been playing and singing for many years!  pic3b.jpg (14883 bytes)


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We'll always remember the wonderful time we shared together at Club Dance -- not only for the friends we made and the fun we had but it marks our begining of what we know will be a wonderful life together!  

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During the last of July and just a few weeks after I asked Carol to marry me, we made the official announcement during one of our performances at the Strand Theater in front of a crowd of several hundred people -- who were extremely delighted!!  


Thanks Club Dance, thanks Polly (the person who got us together) and most of all, thank the Lord God above for bringing us together!  

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