The Specifics

By Dixie

As we mentioned in our introduction, we had little or no guidance when we set out to plan our wedding/reception. We knew we wanted it western with the wedding in Gatlinburg, TN and the reception at home. What we have gathered for you in this section is the what, when, where, how and how much of our plans. We hope that you will be inspired to create the western wedding of your dreams, just as we did. Please feel free to E-Mail us with any questions you might have.

The "Cow-Cakes"

Tex and I give full credit to Danette for providing the idea for the "cow-cakes." I had asked her to go to Hazel's Western Wear to give her opinion on a few dresses I had selected. She asked if I had seen the tops for the wedding cakes. I had not, so she directed me to take a look at the "cow-cakes."   I rechecked the site and sure enough, there was a cake topper with two cows on it sitting on top of a cake decorated like a Guernsey cow. Tex and I immediately order the cake topper. It arrived shortly thereafter and was just the cutest thing we had ever seen. Kay Bakery in Memphis, TN took a picture that we provided them, and as you can see below, worked a small miracle.

ck2b.jpg (46329 bytes)

On one of our trips to Gatlinburg we discovered an entire collection of what is called Mary’s Moo Moos by Enesco. We call them Mary’s Moos for short. There was an entire wedding party available, so we decided that my cake would sport those darling figures. The groom bull carries the bride heifer on top; the "flour" girl and the ring bearer sit on the 2nd layer and the best "bull" (checking his watch), the matron-of-honor (wiping a tear from her eye with her hanky) and a bridesmaid rest on the bottom layer. There was a groomsman, but we were not able to obtain one before the reception.

Tex’s cake was a little more involved. For Christmas, Tex had given me a couple of the Mary’s Moos Barn Dance figures. We had planned on putting the fiddler and the two-steppin’ couple (in the middle on the platform )on Tex’s cake. Then on our wedding trip in Gatlinburg (at the same store) we noticed a couple more figures along with a Barn Dance stage. The little couple in the middle are actually on a turn table that connects to a music box which plays "Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys." We designed an insert that reads "Tex & Dixie’s Barn Dance" to place on the banner. The red bandana really shows off the cake.

ck1b.jpg (59990 bytes)

Our cakes were the traditional white with white icing for me and Devil’s Food with white icing for Tex. The cow spots are actually made of chocolate fudge as are the horseshoes around the bottom of Tex’s cake.

Bride’s 4 tier cake (serves 250) – Kay Bakery, Memphis, TN - $350
Groom’s cake (serves 75) – Kay Bakery, Memphis, TN - $100
Mary’s Moo Moos Cake Topper – Hazel’s Western Wear - $45
Mary’s Moo Moos Wedding Party –  (prices vary)
Mary’s Moo Moos Barn Dance & Figures – (prices vary)

pic6.jpg (36982 bytes)
We made a diligent effort to try and select clothes that were both affordable and could be worn again.

Dixie’s Wedding Gown – Stages West, Pigeon Forge, TN – on sale for $204, originally $279. The gown features a Queen Anne neckline with a dropped and fitted waistline. The bodice has white pearls, sequins and beads along with goldenrod sequins for accent. Lace covers the satin dress and drops into a handkerchief hem just below the hem of the dress. The back has a keyhole cut which zips below the keyhole and buttons with 7 pearl buttons above it.

Dixie’s Hat – Stages West, Pigeon Forge, TN – on sale for $99, originally $150. The white straw hat has a bead and sequin hatband. A 3-tiered veil attaches at the back and is chapel length.

Dixie’s Boots – Western Outlet store in Lebanon - $40. These were a fantastic find. They are of the same style and cut as the traditional white lace wedding boots, however, they are completely made of the soft kidskin leather. They have the cowboy heel instead of the higher heel making them comfortable enough to wear all day. Hazel’s does offer to add cowboy heels to the boots available through her web site at an additional fee of $25.

Tex’s Hat – Circle E Western Store, Pigeon Forge, TN - $150. This was a wedding present from me to Tex. We have not seen another like it. It is black (of course) with a hatband featuring gold geometric designs.

Tex’s Tuxedo ShirtMiller Stockman - $ 35. This shirt says it all. It is an extremely good looking and flattering shirt. It wears well and is comfortable.

Tex’s wore black Wrangler jeans. We decided that would be more comfortable, would be likely to be worn again, and in our opinion, just looked better. He added his Teju lizard boots and snakeskin belt for the final touch. The belt buckle (unseen in this picture) was a Valentine gift from, guess who? It was purchased the Friday before our wedding at the Circle E Western Store in Pigeon Forge, TN. Not pictured is his short tuxedo jacket. Miller Stockman has one for $150 in their catalog. However, we found one exactly like it at the Western Outlet store in Lebanon on sale for $99.

pic7.jpg (34521 bytes)
This picture shows a close up of the detail of the beading on my wedding dress and the detail on Tex’s tuxedo shirt. Melissa, at Chapel In The Glen, brought out her 64 box of Crayola crayons to find the exact match for the sequins in my dress – Goldenrod. They added goldenrod to our bouquets and boutonnieres.

pic16.jpg (40595 bytes)

Originally the wedding party was going to wear black and white colors with black hats. The ladies would then add a southwestern print vest to add a splash of color. However, 5 weeks before the wedding, Miller Stockman offered a second tuxedo shirt in burgundy. Darlene located a vest with a southwestern design in Drysdale’s catalog in which the burgundy strip was an exact match to the burgundy in the groomsmen’s shirts. The green and beige added just the right colors to make a sharp looking contrast. Martha and JoAnn wore their matching blouses while Darlene chose one of her blouses with a ruffled neckline and cuffs. This gave the ladies a uniform look, yet set Darlene apart as the Matron-of-Honor.   JpAnn and Martha located their own black velvet skirts at J.C. Penney's outlet store in Memphis, TN for a cost of $5.00 each.

We decided during our trip to Gatlinburg in November 1999 to let Chapel in the Glen take care of all of the flowers. We realized that we would be too busy moving, getting settled in and preparing for the wedding/reception to take care of flower arrangements ourselves. The ladies carried the armsprays you see in the picture above with Darlene’s being just a little larger than Martha’s and JoAnn’s. The groomsmen and my dad wore boutonnieres. Our mom’s wore corsages. The folks at Chapel in the Glen had all the flowers just right knowing who got what combination (and it’s a good thing, because we sure didn’t).

Vest in hand, Darlene, Tex and I went to Hobby Lobby in Memphis, TN and purchased burgundy ribbon for the bridesmaids hat. We also found some braid, which had the green and gold in it as well. Darlene worked magic in creating the hatbands for their hats. See the picture below for a close up. Tex wasn’t the only one sporting a new hat as Huey surprised Darlene with a new hat for this occasion.

It was a lot of fun and well worth it. We received compliments everywhere we went.   The end result of all our hard work and scouting was a perfect western look!

hat1b.jpg (21047 bytes)

This shot was taken at the Alabama Grill. It shows the creativity of Darlene in making the hatbands for their bridesmaids hats.

cap3.jpg (17321 bytes)

Above is the attire that Huey and Jesse wore as they walked our mothers down the isle. The tuxedo shirts came from Miller Stockman ($30) as did the ties ($16). They provided their own hats and black leather vests. My father also wore the same tuxedo shirt and tie. I made a hatband and put it on one of my hats, for him to wear, completing his wedding attire.

Let me repeat here that we really strived to make the wedding party as comfortable as possible. We knew we were going to be taking pictures, dining, dancing and in those clothes for two Saturdays as we were wearing our wedding attire at the reception also. I think we achieved that goal.

wed30b.jpg (39957 bytes)

My niece, Ariele (left), requested that she look like her aunt. That put me under some kind of pressure as I figured I could come close, but not with an exact match. Guess again!! I had ordered the wedding catalog from Hazel’s Western Wear from her web site. It is $5 and well worth it. I found dresses that matched mine in design down to the handkerchief hem. The lace was identical too!! The drop and fitted waist is tied with a sash. We purchased the white felt hats from the Western Outlet Store in Lebanon for $20 each. Darlene added the same burgundy ribbon without the braid to the hats to tie them in with the bridesmaids’ hats. The girls completed their outfits with white boots, of which as you can see, they were quite proud

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