Texas Instruments TI99/4a

The TI99/4a, produced by Texas Instruments in the early 1980's, was a computer purchased by million's of people. With as little as just a basic console and television a TI99/4a was very functional and programs could be loaded VIA a cassette recorder or a GROM cartridge ( cartridge with ROM's containing programs). . . The TI99/4a, which ran on a 16 bit TMS-9900 CPU at 3MHZ, could easily be upgraded with various peripherials and in fact, a TI99/4a clone was even produced called a Geneve 9640. A Geneve replaced the console and provided a CPU running at 12MHZ and provided a vast improvement in speed, capabilities and video... Today the TI99/4a and Geneve 9640's are still in use by hobbists and some businesses!

TI99/4a Console

Peripherial Expansion Box

The Peripherial Expansion Box (PEB) is used to contain memory expansion cards, disk drives, hard drives, RS232 card and various other peripherials. However, many of the peripherials can be purchased separatly and plugged directly into the console.

Texas Instruments Monitor

Although the TI99/4a could be connected to any Television the Texas Instruments monitor provided a much better quality picture!

Texas Instruments Modem

This is the original modem sold by Texas Instruments. Running at a maximum of 300 baud it is an acustic type modem where the user must manually dial the phone and place the telephone handset inside the cups in order to use it!

Millers Graphics Gram Kracker

Many third party vendors started making a variety of products for the TI99/4a. This device called a GRAM Kracker allows theuser to plug in any module and save it to disk. Modules can be modifyed including Extended BASIC thus enhancing programs which previously could not be modifyed due to being stored in ROM. Several cartridges could be loaded into the Gram Krackerat one time and the contents are maintained by a built in battery. Furthermore, the TI operating system (stored in console ROM) could be bypassed and loaded off of disk. . .

This is just a brief overview of the TI99/4a, check out Rich Polivka TI99/4A Home Page for more TI99/4a information.


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