Gettin' Hitched

The first difficult decision we had to make was where to get married. We really wanted to get married in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, as that has become our "special" place and holds such great memories for us. We struggled with whether or not we were asking too much of our friends and family to travel such a distance for a 30 minute ceremony. We also had to consider that we were on something of a restricted budget as we were putting our money into the building of our future home. For one reason or another, getting married in Memphis wasn’t looking very promising. So we decided to just ask our parents and those we wanted to be in our wedding party if they would consider traveling to Gatlinburg for our wedding.

To our surprise, everyone was delighted to go. They all planned on making it a mini vacation. We were so excited!! Gatlinburg was the perfect location. We made a fast trip to Gatlinburg after scouting out some possibilities in wedding chapels (there are so many) in Gatlinburg and the surrounding area. The moment we laid eyes on Chapel in the Glen, we knew that was the place. The Chapel has such a charming and rustic atmosphere with its log cabin structure and stained glass windows. We felt as if we had taken a step back in time. What a perfect backdrop for out western theme.

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Here we are posing with our parents. Glenn, Caroletta, Carol, Gary, Maxine and Troy.

The weather was exactly what we prayed for - warm, clear skies. The day of the wedding was a little chilly and overcast, but we stayed cozy and it was perfect for picture-taking.

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The Wedding Party - Bridesmaids: JoAnn and Martha; Matron-of-Honor: Darlene; Bride: Dixie; Groom: Tex; Best Man: Troy; Groomsmen: Larry and Raymond.

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Lighting of the unity candle

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Those smiles were plastered on our faces for the entire weekend.

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We glided down the isle after the ceremony. It just looks as though our feet are on the ground. A perfect shot of our matching wedding bands.

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